Why Join The Path2Pass Community?

Are you struggling at school or at  college? Do you need help with Maths, Science, Accounting, or any other subject?

We here at Path2Pass would be glad to help you. Whenever I mention the word “we”, I am referring to the students, tutors, teachers and every member involved with our great community. We are a community centered around furthering the education of each and every individual.


What do we have to offer?

  • Students can browse through our catalog of members and find a tutor that will teach them whatever they need to know.
  • Students can ask for help regarding specific questions. You can get your homework reviewed by an expert.
  • Students may even pay a tutor to complete their homework or assignment for them. Although, this is strictly for learning purposes as I know it is often helpful to be able to refer to a memo while you are studying.
  • Tutors have the opportunity to earn money while teaching subjects that they are passionate about.
  • Tutors can earn money by reviewing and correcting a students homework as well as by doing their homework for them.
  • Teachers may tutor students and earn some extra money.
  • Teachers can request for one of our senior tutors to help them with their marking and grading of assignments and/or papers.
  • All members have free access to our blog wherein you can find great educational articles that covers a wide range of subjects and topics.

How does it work?

  • I will be creating a dedicated page to explain, in detail, how to use the website but you can read through the basics here.
  • Basically, anybody (registered or not) can read through our blog and find information that you may find very valuable.
  • If you need help with your homework or tutoring in a subject. If you want to start earning money as a tutor, or need help with marking your assignments, you can register here: Join The Path2Pass Community
  • Registration is free. After you have registered you will have a member account where you can “post an assignment”
  •  You can ask for anything, for example; “I need help with maths”, or “I need help grading college assignments” etc.
  • You will then receive bids from fellow students, tutors and teachers offering to help you with your request.
  • You can hire them for the amount that they have bid.
  • We support multiple payment gateways with PayPal being the primary one.
  • You have the opportunity to send private messages to any member of the community.
  • There you have it! An educational environment to suit any and all needs.

Who is the founder of Path2Pass?

My name is Yaseen Essack and I decided that it was time that we changed the rules of education. I am an avid reader and writer as well as a dreamer. I created this site for reasons that I shall explain below. Basically, I wanted to develop a community that can share their knowledge with each other and help one another grow. The site is open to everyone. I have not created a membership system where people have to pay to join because that just goes against everything I stand for. I do take a small fee from all transactions that go through the site but that is just to maintain the site and develop it. I will not pretend to be some big company just to look more professional because…well…why should I? The best part about this is that if you have any questions, queries,  issues or even if you just want to talk you can speak to me personally. I am not like so many of those sites who treat you as just a number. You can be certain that you will not receive any automated messages from me such as; “We have received your query and our team will get back to you shortly (hopefully before next year)”. No! That just frustrates me. Anyway, I do not want to waste your time but let me tell you my inspiration behind this site.

My Inspiration

“Thankfully, I was privileged enough to have received a good quality of education.” No! This statement is what is wrong with society and that is my inspiration. Education should not have to be a privilege only available to the select few it should be a right of each and every human being. We are always forced to think in this manner. Yes, you should be grateful for having received an education but it absolutely should not be a privilege.

Recently, I have been considering the situation in my country (South Africa) and it truly saddens me. Just last week there was a situation wherein a group of students have been sleeping on the floors of their schools because they cannot afford housing as all the family’s money has gone into their tuition. Thus, I decided why must I sit here and ponder over it when I can attempt do something about it. Therein lay my inspiration for Path2Pass.

Ultimately, I want to be able to create a system that will provide free education to anybody and everybody. Granted, it is not going to be an easy job by any measure but if we don’t try to do something, then we are part of the problem. I vision a world wherein education is available to the masses. A world wherein greed  and corruption cannot harm the thirst for knowledge.

Remember, I cannot do any of this on my own. It can only be done with your help! It is time that we create a community that can thrive as a single entity. A community that has no affiliations to corrupt politicians nor greedy businessmen. We need to show them that they do not own us. They are not entitled to decide who deserves an education and who does not, solely based on their financial situation. It is time that we change the way the game is played!

I know, I know, you probably think I am an unrealistic dreamer but I do have a plan to make this happen but it is going to rely on charitable donations and participation of each member of our community. If you are interested in taking a stand and making a difference you may check out the donations page which will explain my plan as well as allow you to donate. You can make a difference by clicking here; Donate Towards Education.

If you have any questions whatsoever please I would love to speak to you. You can contact me at executive@path2pass.com or by using the Contact Us page.

Short Term Goals

I want to:

  • Use the money generated from my sites commission fees and from your generous Donations  to hire educational writers to supply all my readers with valuable educational resources. I am a writer and I will do my best to write some content myself as well.
  • Create a community wherein teachers, students, tutors, or anybody else can come together in an academic environment to thrive of each others knowledge.
  • Make the site Path2Pass a symbol of hope for all students around the globe.
  • Personally speak to each member of the site to hear their views and opinions.
  • Help students, tutors, teachers and readers of the site to reach their dreams and goals. 

Long Term Goals

 I want to:

  • Provide Free Education for Everyone.
  • Make Path2Pass the biggest crowdfunded website on the internet and the biggest crowdfunded campaign in general.
  • Hire Professors and Academics to create interactive, full courses that I can provide to everyone for free.
  • Develop the Path2Pass community into a true platform for the people by the people.
  • Attract Big Businesses such as Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. to get involved in our project and vision.

Speak To The Founder

Now That You Know What I Am All About, and What Path2Pass is All About, You Can Look Below and Join Path2Pass by Registering Or You Can Contact Me at These Locations:

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You can contact me through the sites Contact Us Page.

I would be glad to get your input and literally answer any, and I mean ANY questions that you might have.

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